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Newsletters - September 5, 2003

Well, gentle readers, here it is! The deadline for Abraxia's Dream #4 is closed, so that means I have my confirmation list of artists/ writers for the upcoming publication!

Gerard Belec --a variety of comic strips
Cheryl Best --two illustrated poems
Byrcca --short story &2 Haikus
Cherylynn --poetry from the SouthWest.
Westin Church "M.Smith"
Leanne Franson "Divers-City 'Pride/ Shame Day'"
[See Leanne's submission!]
Clayton Jacobs -- unspecified
Lee Kennedy "Hair Story"
Troy Little "Meanwhile..."
Suzanne Marsden "Night Heat Pt. 1"
Victoria Stevenson --poetry
Craig Young "Moonchicken"

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in the comic and has submitted work! The comic exists because YOU guys &gals support it :-) Issue #4 is going to be very special; it features the most women I've ever had in the anthology, along with two wonderful creative grrls who inspired ME to get into comic-making. It's an honour to present Lee Kennedy and Leanne Franson in my official "Coming Out" Bi Annual comic-zine.

"Abraxia's Dream" is getting a NEW look to celebrate its new status. You'll see some format changes and the title may look a little different, but it'll be the same old goodness you've come to love and expect :-) It'll still be priced nice n' low to encourage folks to give it a try (a mere $2.00 Cdn! ya can't go wrong :-D) Abraxia #4 will also feature a real honest-to-goodness letters column (my first!) and a photo collage of my travels this year.

Another cool part of Abraxia this time around is that for the FIRST time my anthology has International submissions! Lee heralds from the UK and Cherylynn is an online submitter from the US' SouthWest. It just goes to show how broad the indie world can get with the advent of the 'net.

Well, back to the drawing, or digital board. The comic should get to Reportex to be printed mid-September, once I've finalized the layouts. Look for a 40-44 pager, sometime near the beginning of October 2003!! Feel free to pre-order with me online, or via snail mail :-)


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Ottawa, ON
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