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Be a part of the anthology "ABraxIa" and let your creations share space with other amazing comics, stories and poems. Show off your talent and get published at the same time! Want to know more? Send questions to:

"ABraxIa" is a black & white Bi Annual comic zine which features a diverse collection of art, stories, poetry, recipes and reviews. The comic runs a hefty 44 pgs. and has a print run of 300+ with local and int'l distribution. Sequential or single panel comic art should be 6.5" x 7.5", black & white and approx 1-7+ pgs. Longer stories will be split between several issues. Short fiction, 1-7+ pgs. and poetry will be considered. Reviews, recipes, rants are welcome.

Send SASE with enough postage if you want your work returned or IRC's for int'l queries/subs. Email submissions are also accepted, but please make sure you've got a clean scan, 300 dpi. You don't want your stuff will look weird and chunky, do you? PLEASE for the love of GOD don't send original art through the mail. You know it'll just end up sharing space in the Mysterious Single Sock Drawer Dimension From Beyond Time. Photocopies only!!


c/o S. Marsden & DragonHead Studio,
Box 618 Stn. Main
Stittsville, ON K2S 1A7

Send e-submissions to:

Good Luck :-)

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