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aBraxIa - Abraxia's Dream


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Do demons dream of ethereal sheep?

Dreams have always fascinated me. They are an escape, an adventure into a Never-Never Land we all wish we could experience in more than just brief snippets.

Dreams can often be inspirational - missing links of information we seek in the waking world occasionally flash brief glimpses in sleep.

I was looking for a good title for a collection of work and all the ones I thought up sounded pretty lame, like 'stew' or 'hash' ;-) or 'Big pile of stuff'. Eventually I settled on something that was mutable, like a dream.

Abraxia is a magical creature; creative and mischievous. I got to wondering what kind of dreams that demons or otherworldly creatures might have.

So this is a collection of just that: strange inspirations from the other side of consciousness - fun forays of silliness, realistic, cartoony, simple. I hope you enjoy.


Suzanne A. Marsden

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