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Favourite Links

Animation :

Nick Cross' Animation Revolution:

Decode Entertainment Inc.:

Yahoo's "Untalkative Bunny Club":

Meanwhile Studios:
Home of Cameron Davis, star of "Blue Collar"

Writing :

Our very own drive-in poet, T. Anders Carson:

Charles de Lint:

Spider Robinson:

Elizabeth A. Lynn:

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Art :

Michael Whelan:


Ramon Perez Jr.:

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Fitness :

The Fitness Edge:

Women's Physique World:

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Comics :

Check out Selina Lock's Girly Comic:

Dave Cooper's oozing creations:

Leanne Franson's fun, Bisexual "Liliane mini-comix":

Inner City Pagan and all round amazing comic artist, Lee Kennedy's site:

Troy Little's Xeric award winning series "Chiaroscuro"
Meanwhile Studios:

Sarah Dyer's "Action Girl":

An inspiration to me, comic & story-telling wise-- very supportive and cool.
Roberta Gregory's site:

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Comic Resources :

Nate Piekos' free fonts for comics--check him out!

The gals & guys who put Canzine together and produce a fab mag
reviewing zines, tunes etc..Broken Pencil site:

Scott McCloud's page--inventor of the 24hr comic:
(lots of cool ideas here!)

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Gaming :

Palladium Books:

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