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Welcome to The Ottawa Comix Jam at Dragonhead Studio

INAUGURAL LAUNCH of the New Ottawa Comix Jam

Tuesday May 26th, 7pm - 10pm (ish)
Shanghai Restaurant
651 Somerset St. W.
For more information, visit DragonHead Studio's NEW Ottawa Comic Jam site.

There is now a Facebook Group dedicated to the New Ottawa Comic Jam.
Check it out, post and upload news and watch for events.

Sharpen your pencils and polish your Sharpies!
The first of what will be a fun series of comix JAMS in the nation's capital starts this month. Drawing inspiration from the successful Montreal, Toronto and NY comic jams, the event will be a monthly occurence, where all creative people (and comic artists in particular) are made to feel welcome.

Produced drawings will be scanned and displayed on the Jam's Facebook Group page. There is also a bare bones site for the Jam where people can acquaint themselves with the Jam FAQ, check out the bios of regular contributing artists and find out information not covered elsewhere.

So, throw caution to the wind; come out, come out and share your talents and have fun. Meet some new people, meet some old people and have a drink :-) Then, draw on each other's pages (that's always fun!) I am looking forward to meeting everyone who is interested in re-igniting this sadly missed Ottawa event.


For more information, contact me via email, FB, or Phone: 613-233-4001

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