aBraxIa - BI Annual GLBT Positive Comic Anthology Zine by DragonHead Studio.
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aBraxIa - Dragonhead Studio

aBraxIa © Suzanne A. Marsden, Dragonhead Studio.. Welcome..

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The Magic Cauldron, 24 hour comic by Suzanne Marsden (Slideshow)


Suzanne has a new website at suzannemarsden.weebly.com where you could check out her new paintings, comics and illustrations, and browse the DragonHead Studio Shoppe.

Suzanne has written a Book Review for The Antigonish Review on "Hide Your Life Away" by Carol Little.

Alphabet Madness by Simon Fish, illustration by Suzanne Marsden.. click to enlarge view. [Enlarge view] Illustration for "Alphabet Madness" by Simon Fish from Swordfish Toys. Illustrated by Suzanne Marsden.

More information on my blog at Womangue.

Suzanne donated a piece of artwork to Janet Hetherington's call for work supporting a charity auction for the Canadian Toy Testing Council.

Dragon Dice © 2009 Suzanne A. Marsden, for the Canadian Toy Testing Council.. click to enlarge view. [Enlarge view]

[Janet asked artists to draw their favourite toy for the auction and I chose role-playing games. But I thought just drawing a pile of dice would be kind've boring, so I put a dragon in there as well, tossing the dice. And he's sitting on a drawing of a dungeon (soo... "Dungeons & Dragons!).

You can find more information about the Charity Art Auction on my blog at Womangue.]

PDF - Thanks to all participants- 24 Hour Comics Day Party at DragonHead StudioOctober 20 2008
Thank you to all participants of the 24 Hour Comics Day Party

at DragonHead Studio!

24 Hour Comics Day at Dragonhead Studio. PDF - 24 Hour Comics Day Party at DragonHead StudioOctober 17th - 18th 2008
24 Hour Comics Day Party

at DragonHead Studio!


Ivy & Dummy - click for PREVIEW! 'A romance that has to be seen to be believed!' has been made into an animated short by Geoff Marshall for Decode Entertainment.

"Ivy & Dummy" - Created/ Written by Suzanne Marsden
Directed/ Animated by Geoff Marshall
Music by The Dave Howard Singers

See the animated short.

Ivy And Dummy from Geoff Marshall on Vimeo.

More info on Ivy & Dummy

A lady who has the super ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and explode on impact! What could be more fun than that?

Impact © 2007 Suzanne A. Marsden, won Top 10 Club on ART WANTED.. click to enlarge view.
[Enlarge view]

[Robin of Sherwood meets Blade 'nuff said. You can buy this artwork via ART WANTED. Be the proud owner of a chunk of artwork by me! Includes original inked drawing (8.5 x 11) and a colour print of the digital painting (5 x 7.) Includes shipping!]

Untalkative Bunny
Fans of the Untalkative Bunny, where Suzanne used to work, can still keep in touch. Yahoo Untalkative Bunny Club.

Untalkative Bunny
See a video on YouTube!

ABraxIa #4 - Click for preview!
ABraxIa #4 is NOW available!
Click to ORDER !

THANKS TO EVERYONE who has expressed interest in the comic and has submitted work! The comic exists because YOU guys & gals support it :-) Issue #4 is going to be very special; it features the most women I've ever had in the anthology, along with two wonderful creative grrls who inspired ME to get into comic-making. It's an honour to present LEE KENNEDY and LEANNE FRANSON in my official "Coming Out" Bi Annual comic-zine.

See a preview of ABraxIa's Dream #3

It Came From Beyond Time 3D- click for mini COMIC!

"It Came From Beyond Time 3D" featuring Rumi Nation and Uburkitty in their third sci-fi adventure.

SEE comic!

24 hour comic
SNOWBLONDE - by Sue Marsden

SNOWBLONDE (Sue Marsden) - click for comic

SEE comic!

Abraxia's Dream #3 - click for PREVIEW! Abraxia's Dream #3 is available!!

Would you like to see a PREVIEW?? featuring Gerard Belec, Mik Casey, Nick Cross, Troy Little, Sue Marsden, Craig Young, Ron Huse and Clayton Jacobs.

ORDER a copy!

24 hour comic

THE WYRM'S TREASURE (Sue Marsden) - click for comic
read more ...


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