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aBraxIa - Rogues Gallery

Who are these guys anyways?
Complete Alphabetical List (*new entries in bold): (October 12, 2007)

Gerard Belec, Gerard Belec

Gerard Belec lives and paints in Gatineau. He also teaches at the Ottawa School of Art.

Cheryl Best, Cheryl Best

Cheryl Best is a talented writer and artist who lives and draws in Ontario.

Byrcca, Byrcca

Byrcca lives and writes somewhere in Canada. Hope to see more of her stuff.

T. Anders Carson, T. Anders Carson

T. Anders Carson edits "Freefall", writes poetry, articles and grant applications, helps raise his kids and coaches a soccer team. "Folding the Crane" is now available.

Mik Casey, Mik Casey

Mik Casey loves to draw and when he's not drawing, Mik likes playing, drinking and going for short walks to the bathroom. His idea of a perfect date is having someone else pay his bill. Mik lives in Ottawa.
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Cherylynn Cherylynn

Cherylynn lives in Arizona, writes poetry, travels and loves dancing on the earth. Hope to see more from her!

Westin Church, Westin Church

Westin Church is a nice guy. He likes to draw things.

Nick Cross, Nick Cross

Nick Cross, award-winning animator and talented comic artist. "Hymen the Surly Panda" will also appear in Animation Blast magazine in the Fall.

Leanne Franson, Leanne Franson

Leanne Franson lives in Montreal illustrating books. Her Liliane TPBs "Assume Nothing" and "Teaching Through Trauma" are currently available.

Ron Huse, Ron Huse

Ron Huse draws pictures for a living and reads far too many comics.

Clayton Jacobs, Clayton Jacobs

Clayton Jacobs. Born. Discovered comics. Was never the same.

Lee Kennedy, Lee Kennedy

Lee Kennedy is a long time denizen of the UK alternative cartoon scene. Her work can be seen in many anthologies, and her self-published comics "Inner City Pagan", "Little Girl Blues" and "Wage Slave".

Troy Little, Troy Little

Troy Little is the creator of the Xeric-Award winning independent comic "Chiaroscuro".

Suzanne 'Ace' Marsden, Suzanne Marsden

Suzanne Marsden writes, draws, plays RPGs, sells junk on eBay and tries to keep happy.
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Scott McCauley, Scott McCauley

Scott McCauley Dragon enthusiast, imaginative designer and storyteller. Tall, fun and talented... We'll be seeing more of Lyth hopefully!

Jose Pou, Jose Pou

Jose Pou wanted for indecent exposure and harsh manners. Goes by the name "Jose and the Evil Pussycats".

Keith Savage, Keith Savage

Keith Savage continues his quest for the perfect martini, cooks divine ethnic food, designs RPGs and spoils his cat, Loki.

Sonja Schmidt, Sonja Schmidt

Lasagna skates, draws, dances, designs cool stuff and makes great pinatas!

Tavis Silbernagel, Tavis Silbernagel

Tavis Silbernagel animation "Maverick" and one of the hardest working guys in the biz.

Victoria Stevenson, Victoria Stevenson

Victoria Stevenson lives on the Big Rideau with her family. She writes, works in a library, hikes and stargazes.

Matthew Webber, Matthew Webber

Matthew Webber " quite a strange child. For as long as I've known him, he's been writing great stories and he continues to do so. He lives in Ottawa with his gargantuan collection of Star Wars toys." --Jose Pou.

Craig Young, Craig Young

Craig Young is a survivor of the 24 Hour comic experiment and a talented upstart who likes the oozing creations of Dave Cooper and anything even vaguely naughty. Hope to see more Moonchicken!

Feek Zejjy, Mike Marsden (aka Feek Zejjy)

Feek Zejjy is a known accomplice of Ace Samuel Szolt.

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