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Welcome to Abraxia's Dream.

About aBraxIa

It's been a long time coming, organizing and finally getting it all together.
But I have to say, I'm pretty happy with it, and hope that you will be too.

When I first started kicking around the idea of putting an anthology comic book together earlier this year, I was stunned at the overwhelming interest in the project. Everybody I talked with just seemed to get more and more excited at the idea of the comic book. A lot of the contributors work in the animation industry and most of the time we're busy cranking out furry animal cartoons and kid's stories. We don't generally get much creative input into projects, and most of us go nuts after awhile because our creative needs are being subjugated by work needs. To cope, people either work on their own 'shorts' (short animated films), comics, movie ideas or just seethe angstfully in corners. So, just as we were all about to go mad, I decided that this year FOR SURE I was going to be in Stephen Bourne's Ottawa- based small press expo: SmallPOX 2000. Only one snag: I didn't have a comic! No problem. I was in the middle of an animation studio, surrounded by artists and writers all hunting for a way to let their creative energies explode and not get anything on the tours coming through. Abraxia's Dream was born.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to get more women interested in contributing (yes, there are women in animation...slowly we're infiltrating the ranks!) but for one reason or another, I appear to be the only chick...uh..Femme Fatale in Abraxia. Hopefully next ish. I'll get more females on board... since I know they have great stories/art/poetry to share. OK Tae-Youn, Azz, Kristy, Vicki, Sheri, Sonja (and lots more...) Next ish!!


Suzanne Marsden

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