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Newsletters - July Blog - 2003

Click to visit Lee Kennedy's live journal Here I was thinking it was the 15th and it's really the 16th! Less than a month to go for the August 15th deadline to submit your work to Abraxia #4! Headlining the official first issue of our new Bi Annual format is the UK's talented independant artist Lee Kennedy! From "Inner City Pagan" to "Little Girl Blues", this woman knows how to tell a tale, paint a line and slather the page with oozing, memorable characters. DragonHead Studio is honoured to have Lee Kennedy's "Hair" story appear in "Abraxia's Dream" #4--publication date Sept '03!

Now the rest of you creative types - get drawing/ writing/ ranting! Dust off that piece of work you submitted 10 years ago that people just didn't understand and send it to me! Go to the photocopy shop and sit on the copier &send your tattoo to Abraxia! That cool graffiti in your local? Take a pic of it and submit it.. What the heck

Oh yeah, and tell your buddies too :-)


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