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Newsletters - June 18, 2003

"Abraxia's Dream" #3 is now available in Ottawa's premier "counterculture variety store" Crosstown Traffic! Mike Foster was good enough to stock Abraxia and you can go and git some if you're still missing this massive 44 page issue! Crosstown Traffic is located at 593-C Bank St. Ottawa, ON K1S 3T4 and can be reached at (613) 234-1210. The store stocks CDs, comix, books, paraphernalia, toys, incense ETC!! Support Indie stores so that they continue to support us.

Other news.. "Abraxia's Dream" #4 now has a cover and will most likely feature a Western themed story by yours truly. I'm accepting submissions for the Fall issue, with a deadline on Mik Casey's birthday (that's August 15th, you guys :-) SEND stuff!! Be famous :-) I'm shooting for a 40 pager this time around, but if it swells to 44, what the hey.
All best, Cheers &such,


601-360 Bell St. S.
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5E8

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