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Newsletters - October 8, 2003

AT LAST! I have held the proof in my hands, and it looks amazing! I got a call from Reportex that issue #4's proof was ready, so I headed in today after lunch. The book is a healthy size; everything looks clear and clean. I'm amazed at what comes through well (mid-tone greys) what gets lost (light greys) and what, unexpectedly looks more interesting than I could've anticipated in raw corporeal form, instead of just old digital (Like the artwork &layout for Cheryl Best's "Look At Me.")

"aBraxIa" will be ready after Thanksgiving, without a doubt! Issue #1 is also being reprinted, so if anyone needs a copy, place an order for the ever-popular book that is in its 3rd printing!

We'll be updating the DragonHead "aBraxIa" Rogue's Gallery soon with the latest additions to our creative family! Keep an eye out for updates and return often. Cheers &all best.


PS--The DEADLINE for "aBraxIa" #5 is March 15th, 2004. Put it on your calendars &get your submissions in early :-)

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