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Newsletters - May 2003

Troy Little and Sue Marsden

May 3rd 2003

Free Comic Book Day at the Comic Book Shoppe on Merivale, in Ottawa was an amazing time. I arrived around noon, a box of my comics clutched under my arm and wove my way through the throng of kids, adults and teens all buying, reading and getting into comics. A "U" shape of tables had been set up in the middle of the store for us and we got busy laying out our wares. It was good seeing Janet Hetherington and Ronn Sutton again, as well as Troy Little (pictured with me above).

I got to meet some awesome guys too that I hadn't had a chance to see yet: Jack Briglio, Tom Fowler and Craig Taillefer. It was a great day-- everyone was friendly, interested and excited about the Event. People had free stuff to give away, or greatly discounted comics and the creators had time to talk to the fans and sign work. What an amazing experience! Too bad I couldn't stay for the whole thing--but the first half of Free Comic Book Day went off without a hitch. Here's some pics of the "do". Hope you enjoy!


601-360 Bell St. S.
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5E8

Janet Hetherington, Ronn Sutton and Jack Briglio

Janet Hetherington, Ronn Sutton and Jack Briglio

Craig Taillefer and Tom Fowler

Tom Fowler and Craig Taillefer

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