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Newsletters - April 2003

Happy Beltane everyone;
may the fertile spirit of the Pagan Festival infuse you and surround you, fill you with desire and help you experience the passion of Spring!

'Abraxia's Dream' #3 is currently at Reportex on Elgin St. Ottawa, getting printed, folded, stapled, chopped and wrapped in neat little bundles for your enjoyment. The comic is a 44 page tome, featuring artists who have graced our pages before and some newcomers. For those hungry for a quick preview,
here's the ...

Table of [mal]Contents ;-)

  • Ron Huse finishes up 'Tanithia's Dream' in the third part of his popular Faerie story.
  • T. Anders Carson digs through Welsh tabs in 'Tigers to the Rescue'
  • Cheryl Best 'The Thinker', illo & poem.
  • Suzanne Marsden 'Mind Full/ Mindful' my Zen exploration into self-doubt! whee
  • Keith Savage 'Nemesis' rippling men in tight-tights!
  • Troy Little vintage 'Meanwhile' comic strips. Before 'Chiaroscuro' there was 'Meanwhile'! Check it out.
  • Clayton Jacobs 'DarkGhost' a seven page martial art showdown with exquisite inks.
  • Nick Cross provides 'Hymen the Surly Panda'. You've caught Cross in 'Chiaroscuro' with 'Hotdog Weinerscoff', don't miss out on this!
  • Craig Young's 'Moonchicken' in hardcopy. Don't miss out on one of the coolest comics to ever crawl out of a twisted cranium.
  • Westin Church and Jessica Fox's 'M. Smith', gives a whole new meaning to milking the cow,
  • Mik Casey's one page 'Billy Belly' shows what it's like to enjoy life in double helpings.
  • Feek Zejjy and Ace Samuel Szolt's wacky 'The Edge' will change you forever (well maybe until next week.)
  • Gerard Belec's 'True Tales' show a little slice in the artist's life I'm sure will feel familiar..
  • Matthew Webber presents 'No Small Parts' a gem for all you Gimli dwarf-lovers out there.

So there ya go! In less than a week, AD#3 will be done. Which means ONE thing! AD#4 is now in production and is in need of talented artists, writers, poets, cartoonists, malcontents, anarchists, layabouts and other individdles to fill its pages. If you need to express yourself, look no further,this is a friendly, supportive environment with lots of other cool artists with which to share space.

I want to get AD#4 done in time for the Fall (yikes, two issues out in a year?) Well, I'm on E.I.,I can't afford to be printing a whole lot of comics. So, if you want to be in the next issue, check out the Submission Specs and GIVE ME YOUR STUFF. Send me a bio too, or I'll be forced to make one up.

Best o' luck all of you,looking forward to hitting the streets on my bike, hefting my weights and getting nice and sweaty for the summer. Busy one coming: weddings, camping, camping, concerts, what could be better? Thank heavens that summer is finally here! Woohoo.

Cheers & love
Suzanne Marsden

601-360 Bell St. S.
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5E8

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