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Newsletters - May 2002

Some cool news--
May 4th was Free Comic Book Day, in celebration of the Spiderman movie coming out. The Comic Book Shoppe hosted a local/indie creators' panel and I got to be on it. It was nerve-wracking but fun all the same. I managed to print Abraxia #2 in time to flog at the store..and sold almost 20 copies. I can't believe it took so long to get #2 done.. but it felt great to finally have it in my hands.

Comic Book Shoppe, Ottawa, ON, May 4th 2002


Janet Hetherington "Eternal Romance", Ron Huse "Tanithia's Dream", Suzanne Marsden "Abraxia's Dream" & "Ivy & Dummy", Troy Little "Chiaroscuro".

Comic Book Shoppe,
Ottawa, ON
May 4th 2002. Comic Book Shoppe, Ottawa, ON, May 4th 2002

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