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Newsletters - June 2001

Hello Friends, Artists, Writers, Creative Thinkers &Ruttigers,
Sorry for the long silence re: the COMIC! Issue #2 is in the throes of production (yes, we've all heard that before--!) With the multiple problems of cash flow, printers exploding and of course trying to put it all together, it's been quite the month (or two or three..) Thanks for all of your contributions, guys (and gals--at last :-) and your patience! AD #2 is looking awesome--and I hope you'll think so too. When the comic is finished, I'll get everyone's contributors copies into the mail ASAP. If you've moved recently or got a P.O. box while I wasn't looking, please update me with your snail mail address so that you don't miss out!

Deadlines for Abraxia's Dream for the Summer &rest of 2001 is as follows:

- AD #3 artwork/ story deadline mid-June (please!) I'd like to get this one out during the summer. (Troy, you still want to do the cover?)
- AD #4 artwork/ story deadline Sept. 1st 2001 (I'd like to get AD#4 finished for Canzine 2001.)
- AD #5 artwork/ story deadline Dec 1st 2001 (The Xmas issue?--we'll see! Probably New Year's iss tho..)

If anyone has any suggestions for anything to do with the comic, don't hesitate to drop me a line and we can talk. If people want to get together and jam (a 24 hour comic party? Whaddya think? Sorry, Sean we'd have to fly you over for it ;-)) or do stories together, or whatever--sounds cool. Issue #2 has turned into a monster of a comic--about 40 pgs. long. But I think that's cool--I'll keep putting in whatever we can into AD and see where it goes--whether a skinny issue or big fattie.

Any suggestions for AD in the future? Ideas for covers, stories, articles, rants, raves--ads? It's an anthology--so whatever I gits I puts in (unless it's really really crappy.) Let me know what you'd like to see. Photocopies of body parts (if they have neat tattoos on 'em)? Well...are we that kind of zine? Let me know, what would be cool, in your op.

What else is happening at DragonHead Studio?
Well, I'll be reprinting "Ivy & Dummy" #1 and "Abraxia's Dream" #1 for anyone who missed 'em. "Ivy & Dummy" #2 is in the works....and may even have a life beyond the 2D form if I decide to turn it into a short. That might require serious alcohol or something...we'll see ;-)) C'est tous pour maintenant..

Hope all you folks are doing well and keeping limber drawing [and/or writing]-wise. Looking forward to seeing more art/stories/poetry from you all.

Cheers & all best,
The Grande Inquisitor of the DragonHead Studio [and head bottle washer..]

Suzanne Marsden
601-360 Bell St. S.
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5E8

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