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Newsletters - Vol 1. Issue 1. March 12th, 2001

Greetings fellow travelers on paths less taken! It's March 12th, 2001 and still, "Abraxia's Dream" #2 has yet to appear. Many things have occurred between the time AD #1 landed in my hands hot off the presses in the Fall of 2000 and now!

One road block that happened in December was a total lack of funds for Abraxia #2. To be fair, I'd like to take this opportunity to send out a huge round of thanks to everyone who contributed art, writing etc. to the first issue, and supplied me with cheques /cash to help with the first printing. Another thank you goes to the great folks who shelled out money per issue to support Abraxia--and still more kudos to those who took my little comic on the road and sold her at different shows, and flogged her over-seas (thanx respectively to T. Anders Carson & Sean Arden :-) Merci beaucoup to Pete at Pagan Playground for carrying the comic and Mike at CrossTown Traffic--you guys are awesome! Thanks to Carol Weekes for kind advice and comments and to Beth Stevenson for promoting the comic in her annual Christmas cookbook :-)

Unfortunately, I didn't make enough $ from Abraxia #1 to cover printing costs, and definitely not enough to get #2 to press. So, I had to wait 'til I got more cash. Thanks to the great folks at Disada who took bullwhip to my backside for 3 grueling weeks of animation and clean-up, I have the $$ needed to print anything I want! YEAH! Well, it'll still be in black & white, but what the hey :-) I'm also planning on doing another print run of the first issue (probably 100 copies) for anyone who didn't get one, but who would like one. As well, contributors, who have paid me their cash, are entitled to more copies of #1, should they be interested.

On to more interesting/fun news!
Issue #2 is almost finished! I have the following contributors lined up to make you gape in stunned wonder, drool over yummy art and blink eyes in stark amazement at fantastic writing :-) [I love my contributors.] For Iss. #2, confirmed artists and writers are as follows: Ron Huse, with "Tanithia's Dream, Pt. II", Troy Little, with "Mr. Coffee Man" episodes #1-#10,
Suzanne A. Marsden, with "The Blood Test" [that's me!], Scott McCauley with "The Coming of Lyth, Pt.I", Jose Pou with the beginning of a longer "Pook" story, Matthew Webber with two short stories, T. Anders Carson with 3 kick-ass poems, a romp in the Belgium-induced cartoon art of Diego Arnedo and a variety of stuff from Sonja Schmidt for her FUN PAGE. Unconfirmed artists for #2 include: Mik Casey and Clayton Jacobs. Keith Savage and Craig Young may eventually grace our pages-- but we'll have to wait n' see!

Pick up the latest issue of Broken Pencil (#15) at your nearest magazine store and look under "A" for Abraxia, and there you'll find my first review. Not too bad, I think, with a few knowledgeable slaps to keep me from gettin' a swelled head. So, now folks all across Canada (and maybe even the world) can get the low-down on DragonHead Studio's premier comic. There is even a review of "Ivy & Dummy" #1, which is quite funny--I think they enjoyed the comic almost as much as I did cranking that baby out in black pen on lined paper.

Abraxia's Dream #1 was thrown together with the delight, enthusiasm and joy of a bunch of artists, who almost all worked at Dynomight Cartoons. Now, we're spread to the four corners of ...well, not the world, but definitely town. It's been a challenge, even physically, getting work from folks who I normally could just hound in the hallways of the studio. Now, I meet mysterious men in front of my building at all hours of the night, while we exchange artwork in plain wrapped packages... Let the fun begin... AGAIN!

All of my best, everyone & I'll be talking with you soon -

Suzanne A. Marsden

Contact information
"Abraxia's Dream"
c/o DragonHead Studio
601-360 Bell St. S. Ottawa, ON
K1S 5E8 Canada.
E-mail: abraxias_dream

submission information

"Abraxia's Dream" is a black & white quarterly comic-zine which features a diverse collection of art, stories, poetry and reviews, in a fantasy/horror theme (but is not restricted to that theme!) The print run is 200-300 copies with local and international distribution. Comic art should be b&w, 1-6 pgs., longer stories will be split between several issues. Short fiction, 1-6 pgs. and poetry will be considered. Reviews, recipes, rants are welcome. The Editrix reserves the right to mess with your stuff for space considerations. Send SASE with enough postage if you want your work returned, or IRC's for international queries/submissions. Please do not send original artwork through the mail system...photocopies only!

"Abraxia's Dream", "The Blood Test", "Ivy & Dummy", and DragonHead Studio are © 2001 Suzanne A. Marsden. "Mr. CoffeeMan" © 2001 Troy Little.

Photograph of Suzanne Marsden appears courtesy of "The Algonquin Times", photographer J. Monk.

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