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Newsletters - November 25, 2003

Abandon hope all ye who enter the demesnes of Troy &Carol Little November 29th-30th! This weekend continues the tradition of the 24-Hour comic party begun last Winter Solstice. This time around, the unconfirmed list of artists goes something like this: Troy Little, Sue Marsden, Clayton Jacobs, Westin Church, Mike Morisson &Cory Perkins (and there may be more...) With only a gallon of coffee with which to fortify and a pint of jelly bellies to ease the cramping nausea, brave souls will once again foray into the dark paths of dreaming that only stir in the chill twilight of 3am!

For more information on "The Dare" and the 24hr. comic experiment, check out Scott McCloud's website. To see the results of LAST YEAR'S effort, please go to Meanwhile Studios' site.

Cheers &all best

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