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Newsletters - November, 2003

Suzanne, Troy and Carol at the Montreal Expo 2003 - Click for larger photo Well, made it to the big Montreal Expo and back in one piece. With brand new "aBraxIa" #4's in tow and plenty of back issues, I hooked up with Troy &Carol Little and we staked out our spot near Janet Heterington &Ronn Sutton in the Palais des Congres right down town. It was a fun day, with tons of people, but not a lot of shoppers. I guess when you shell out $12 to get in the door, you don't have a lot of scratch left for us poor indies! Still, thanks everyone who came out, bought stuff, larffed it up and gave us Pocky (thanks Aileen!) If you'd like to see a whack pic of me, Troy &Carol, check out the link.

Also spent a fantastic evening with Leanne Franson at her place, after the con was done. Had delicious foamy coffee and got to meet her lovely St. Bernard Muesli and her kitties. Leanne set me up with a stack of her books and we just sprawled in her Morrocan room, had strawberry hookah and read french children's stories she'd illustrated. Bliss. I picked up her two trade paperbacks "Teaching Through Trauma" and "Assume Nothing" to donate to the Pink Triangle Services Library here in town, since I don't know how many Bi resources they have. A fun evening, spent with an intelligent, talented, funny artist. Inspiring really--and helped me decide on a few of my next moves. Cheerio!

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