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Welcome to DragonHead Studio, home of the indie anthology "aBraxIa", mini-comic "Ivy &Dummy" and all the weird personal projects that develop like mushrooms in the night! Apologies for the big gap in news, but between moving, changing jobs, multiple room-mates, health and money issues, it's been a busy time of it.

The sad news first tho'-- *taps* for the corrupted hard drive that used to be the heart of my old computer--and her untimely death in October '05. The drive which had contained the majority of my work on the Tsunami Calendar was kaput and irrecoverable. I'd backed up *a lot* of stuff previous to, but not the last layouts. No money = no computer until mid-December, and by then it was too late to redo all of the work. I am planning to work on something different with the artwork I currently have, but it will have to be something totally new, since the loss of the calendar was crushing. The donations have gone to the Canadian Red Cross. Look for a new incarnation of the Relief Calendar artwork at Cafe Press, most likely nearer to May '06.

The GOOD news! "Ivy &Dummy" my mini-comic from 2000 has been transformed into a weirdo animated Flash short thanks to the amazing folks at Decode Entertainment Inc. It is startling, fun and whacky... and apparently people at the con in Cannes really liked my little romantic story. So, who knows where that might lead. News will appear as I learn of it :-)

More Good News... Uburkitty &RumiNation (from "It Came From Beyond Time") have become quite popular... so I have decided to take all the little minis I currently have (like about 10! Yes, yes, I will scan them soon :-) and transform them into a full size comic book. A finished rendition will be available Sept. '06.

Last of the Good News: Carleton University's paper "The Charlatan" interviewed me about DragonHead Studio and the anthology.. keep an eye for it out around campus. *cool*!

That's it for now.. if you want to keep up with Sue-Land please feel free to drop in on my new Blog, or email me.


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