My Life in the Third Reich, autobiography by Gisela Cooper.
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My Life in the Third Reich
- Nightmares and Consequences

World War 2 True Story by Gisela Cooper


Foreword: Let me begin by explaining why I am writing the story of my life. When we behold Europe today, peaceful, affluent, increasingly integrated economically and politically, and on the threshold of even greater union, it is sobering to reflect, that even in our lifetime, Europe was a very different place. Those who have lived for 70 years or more, have witnessed stirring times and perhaps the most turbulent, violent and destructive in all Europe's long history. Memories of the World Wars and Europeans killing each other, especially the Second World War are kept alive by an endless succession of films, documentaries and books.

In Britain, which was on the winning side, the motive is partly nostalgic and partly patriotic, a reluctance, perhaps, to forget episodes which were full of heroic achievements when the cause of righteousness triumphed. For the Germans, the memory of the Third Reich is mostly painful; and coming to terms with recent history has been traumatic. On both sides thousands of quite innocent people were caught up in these events and their lives tragically terminated or irrevocably uprooted. I find myself in a central position in these events. I was born a German, lived in Germany for the first 30 years of my life, then came to Britain where I was obliged to begin my life over again.

I had many kind letters from people who have read it. Our local paper gave a page featuring the story; and I have also been interviewed by our Bristol Radio Station. In a way I am quite proud really that I have achieved to write it and have it published. My main aim is to tell about the true happenings at that time, especially in the years from 1933 to 1945.

Gisela Cooper

Customer Reviews..

Hello Gisela

I have just finished your book, what a great read. It's good to hear about the war from another source other than a military point. I was born in 1952 so I was lucky to miss that tragic time but I have always had an interest in WW2 and read many books on the subject. Nearly all of my uncles and my father took part in the conflict in all the fighting forces, Army,Navy & Airforce. We lost two members of my family, one lost his life out in India to malaria and the other on a bombing raid to Berlin when his Lancaster collided with another RAF bomber over Denmark. I believe my generation can learn so much about the futility of war from reading books like yours although it must be said that WW2 was a war worth fighting whatever the cost. I'm sure there are still people like Hitler that will surface again in the future to try and dominate the world. Lets hope your book goes some way to educating the generations to come on what the price can be. Many thanks and may I wish you many more sales of your worthy publication.

Kindest Regards
Mick Austin

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My Life in the Third Reich ... by Gisela Cooper

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My Life in the Third Reich:
Nightmares and Consequences

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'My Life in the Third Reich'
has been donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.


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