My Life in the Third Reich, autobiography by Gisela Cooper.
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Recent photo of Gisela Cooper.

About the author Gisela Cooper

WELCOME. I would like to introduce myself.

I have four children and six grandchildren.
I love to write poems, short stories, and in 1998, I had a book published -
My Life in the Third Reich, Nightmares and Consequences

Besides the wonderful invention of computer technology, I am very interested in local communities, attending many meetings. My hobby is the environment. I love trees and am very upset when through developments some have to be cut down. They ought to be replaced. I also attend neighbourhood watch meetings to help the police and I am involved with the local council, attend meetings and look after part of the estate where I live.

I belong to an environment group, to do my bit to save our lovely earth. I love travelling and learning languages. My favourite country is Italy. I am also very interested in Roman and Egyptian history. On a daily basis I like to chat with people.

Photo of Gisela near Lake Garda, Italy.

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