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Lighthouse Electrique: Click to visit the site.

Lighthouse Electrique

Mobile responsive web site for Lighthouse Electrique Inc., a company owned by a licensed master electrician with over 15 years experience servicing Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutions, with a commitment to your safety. Includes articles on electrical safety and helpful tips.

Publishing platform used was Wordpress with the very popular X Theme from Themeco. The slideshow on the home page was created with the premium Revolution Slider. It's an amazing plugin to work with and I'm very impressed with how quickly it loads.

John Asfour: Click to visit the site.

John Asfour

Mobile responsive web site for John Asfour, former professor of literature and award-winning poet. He was the author of five volumes of poetry, including 'Blindfold', which has poems about his youth and being blinded by a grenade in his native Lebanon at the age of 13. He was also the editor and translator of the landmark anthology 'When the Words Burn: An Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry', which was short listed for the Canadian League of Poets Award. Dr. Asfour published two more books: 'Vancouver V6A: an anthology of Writings from the Downtown Eastside', and 'Metamorphosis of Ishtar' by Nadine Ltaif, translated from the French.

John needed a website to showcase his books, and post press articles & upcoming events. Publishing platform used was Wordpress with the Thesis theme. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about making a website accessible for someone using the JAWS screen reading software.

Ann Diamond: Click to visit the site.

Ann Diamond

Mobile responsive web site for Ann Diamond, award-winning writer, editor, and writing coach. She is best known for 'A Nun's Diary', a book of poetry adapted for theatre by Robert Lepage, and her story collection 'Evil Eye', which won the Hugh MacLennan Prize for fiction.

Ann needed a web site to showcase her books & articles, and post notices about upcoming writing workshops. She already had a domain, web host, and some web pages online. Redesigned and expanded her web site, linking to the blogs that she was currently using.

Poldma Design: Click to visit the site.

Poldma Design

Mobile responsive web site for Tiiu Poldma, award winning designer and academic. Tiiu Poldma, Ph.D. is Full professor, teacher, and researcher at the School of Design, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Tiiu needed a web site to showcase her work and promote her new textbooks 'Taking up Space: Exploring the Design Process', and 'Meanings of Designed Spaces' which are both available from Fairchild Books.

John F. Kennedy Class of '74 Reunion: Click to visit the site.

John F Kennedy Class of '74 Reunion

John F. Kennedy High School in Montreal, Quebec hosted a 35 year reunion with a Gala Dinner Celebration in November 2009, and they'll be hosting another one November 2014. They needed a community site where members could view upcoming events, post photos and keep in touch. Publishing platform used was, which has those features.

DragonHead Studio: Click to visit the site.

ABraxIa - DragonHead Studio

Web site for Suzanne Marsden, animator/comic artist from Ottawa, Ontario and publisher/editor of the comic-zine 'ABraxIa'. Many of the contributors to the zine, including Suzanne, used to work on the Canadian/U.K. animated series, The Untalkative Bunny.

Suzanne needed a web site to feature previews, slides and the latest news on Comics produced by DragonHead Studio, as well as promote some of the work of her fellow comic artists.

My Life in the Third Reich: Click to visit the site.

My Life in the Third Reich

Web Site for Gisela Cooper from Bristol, U.K. who's written a true story about her life in Germany during the 2nd World War and her experiences in a Nazi prison camp in Wansleben, a subcamp of Buchenwald. Gisela was interviewed by Bristol University on her memories of the Hitler Youth. Gisela needed a web site to help promote her book and share her essays, poems, and memoirs.

Travel Letters and Sketch Books of Anton Bantock: Click to visit the site.

Travel Letters and Sketchbooks of Anton Bantock­

Web site for eminent historian Anton Bantock to help promote his travel letters and sketch books. Anton was founder of the University of Withywood, a charitable organization that helps fund the education of students in Bristol and developing countries. He was the grandson of the late Sir Granville Bantock.

Laugh Without Limits Comedy Show Benefit for Lolita: Click to visit the site.

Comedy Show Benefit for Lolita - Laugh Without Limits

Web site promoting the 'Laugh Without Limits Comedy Show Benefit' for Lolita, a young girl who has suffered with Cerebral Palsy and Visual Impairment since birth. Publishing platform used was WordPress.

Inspirational Quotes: Click to visit the site

Inspirational Quotes

Features inspirational quotes and links to articles written by famous people who faced difficulties in their lives, like learning disabilities and other differences.

Alexandra's Kids Corner Sound Stories: Click to visit the site.

Alexandra's Kids Corner - Sound Stories

Original Halloween Story 'A Little Ghost Named Spook',
with Javascript Sound Rollover Effects.

Computer Laptop on the grass showing a Sunflower.


LMS Center (Light of Math & Science) needed someone to post updates and their latest books and videos. Their president Patrick Mayard has a new video out:
The Mind & the Science of Success
The mind & the science of success video - Patrick Mayard, LMS Center

LMS Center is the only learning center in Quebec that specializes in mathematics and science. They offer students tutoring services, summer courses, and motivational and success-oriented seminars and videos.

« J'ai collaboré sur plusieurs projets informatiques avec Mme. Busato et j'ai été plus que satisfait par son dynamisme, sa discipline et ses multiples compétences. Merci pour votre excellent travail.»
Patrick Mayard, Président-Fondateur/ LMS Center

Wang Ching Liu writes books that can teach you not only to speak Mandarin Chinese, but to read and write it as well. She has a new book out:

iSpeak Read Write Mandarin Chinese by Wang-Ching LIUiSpeak Read Write Mandarin Chinese
and she wanted me to post it on her website and make other updates.

Ann Diamond - Dead White Males Ann Diamond was interviewed by Ross Merriam of Geist Magazine for the article: Forgetting as a Protective Mechanism and Remembering as a Quest for Hidden Truth. She's an award-winning writer, editor and writing coach.

My Life in the Third Reich by Gisela Cooper Gisela Cooper has donated a copy of her World War Two story 'My Life in the Third Reich: Nightmares and Consequences' to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

DragonHead Studio Suzanne Marsden hosted a 24 Hour Comics Day Party at DragonHead Studio. Noted documentary filmmaker, Randy Kelly, was there to film the event.

Ivy & Dummy by Suzanne Marsden 'Ivy & Dummy' by Suzanne Marsden has been made into an animated short by Geoff Marshall for Decode Entertainment!

24 Hour Comics Day Slideshow at DragonHead Studio “My Webmistress, Carol Busato of LucarInfo, has set up a fantastic slide show featuring my work from October - the 24 Hour Comics Day extravaganza at DragonHead Studio.” - Suzanne Marsden

Comedy Show Benefit for Lolita - Laugh Without Limits “I am happy to announce that we've sold about 450 tickets so far. Your web page was a big success! Many people saw it and learned more about the Fundraiser.”
- Rola Soueidan

Rosemount High School has been featured on the news. Their band, the Symphonic Winds, has won several awards. Created their website in 2008 and posted updates while my daughter was attending their school.

RHS won music award

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