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Buckingham and Coffman criticize the conventional career path of promoting people out of roles in which they excel and moving them into roles in which they struggle. The authors say it is foolish to reward excellence in a role by removing the person from the role.

Wasn’t there a Murphy Law about it – people tend to rise to their level of inefficiency? Oops, got that wrong, it’s Peter’s Principle (1969) «people are promoted to the level of their incompetence.» Not to be confused with Hanlon’s Razor: «never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.»

How about this fable – it was always one of my favourites – Animal School Fable, written by  G.H. Reavis, Assistand Superintendent of Schools, Cincinnati, Ohio – 1937

And here it is, a modified version of the Animal School fable in a lovely video, found on You can click the image to see it.

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  1. Autism to me is a mystery My son will be 20 in a month and still no cause has been found for aitsum,it seems to be increasing.I pray for a cure.It was hard when my son was little because he had the aitsum, dev delays,and adhd,every day was a struggle and then no sooner had he outgrown his adhd his hormones kicked in and along with it,the dreaded OCD, which I was told was common with teens with Autism.My son William can tell you anything about history from Civil War to yesterday but can barely count simple change.He can walk 3 miles from my house to get to the mall and make it there safe but can’t comprehend the directions on a microwave meal(after catching 2 on fire, microwave is off limits without help).My son is aware of all the deficits he has,he knows he has Autism and in his words feels humiliated ,this makes me so sad because if I could turn back time and make him normal,I’d choose not to because he has so many special qualities that I treasure but he does not see those qualities,he feels alone and left behind by the system who promised to help him,the help has been slow coming since he turned 18.I guess what bothers me the most is the fact that there is no support group for young adults with aitsum,who need that support and after age 18 often isolate themselves even more than when they were kids.There is a support group for parents of kids with aitsum, there is a support group for young kids with aitsum, there is even a support group for grandparents ,not one single group for the ones that need it the very most in my opinion young adults age 18 and over.I pray one day this changes

  2. Micah Madu says:

    The uniformity in the approach to child development and learning ability expectation in formal education is an embarrassment to humanity. What is more embarrassing is the fact that so much talk is made of it and no action is seen at implementing a reform of the existing self actualization inhibitive education system. I am deeply saddened to see so many children with special developmental and learning skills requiring only an adapted teaching method written off as incapable of learning, never-do-wells, dullards and ratbags. We have lost so much greatness to such unfair, insensitive, and irrational personality misjudgement from impatient, inattentive appraisers.
    If we know what is right, we should do it. The time for change is now. These misread, misunderstood children cannot help themselves. They need us, and they need us now.

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