Blue King Brown and Live Earth

First performance we saw, live from Australia. There were so many great performances, but Blue King Brown was such a supremely smooth delight. Was hoping to find other songs as well on YouTube, but at least we have this one, the ‘Water’ video clip, director’s cut. Will definitely buy more of their music. If you missed it, so worth a look. The video includes footage and images of protests for Aboriginal rights during the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia. Enjoy!


Underscored by the fiery vocals and political lyrics of Natalie Paapaa, you can hear the afro-beat, reggae, world and Latin influence, but the band has created a distinctly original sound. A refreshing take on roots music, uniquely Australian yet with an unquestionable international feel.

The band’s beginnings are with Carlo Santone and Natalie Paapaa – the two founding and songwriting members of the band. Their sound, attitude and approach has come from years of playing music on the streets, performing day in day out for years, developing a sound and vibe as percussionists that would inevitably form the foundation for Blue King Brown.

Front woman, Natalie Paapaa, delivers and empowers, stating – “It’s as much about the music as it is about the message.”

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