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Chess - Using the LT PGN Viewer

A young boy playing chess.
This site uses a version of the LT PGN Viewer in Javascript created by Lutz Tautenhahn.

It's freeware, and what a wonderful product! A pgn viewer means Portable Game Notation Viewer.
What it does is take the notation of a chess game in a .pgn or .txt file, and show you each move on a chess board.


Here is a dropdown list with some pgn files, using the LT PGN viewer. If you click on a selection, it should open up a window showing the game.

*Please note that for the dropdown and the viewer to work, you need Javascript enabled, and pop-ups allowed.

You can find pgn files at this really great resource: http://www.pgnmentor.com/files.html

Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoy!