You can learn to speak, read and write Chinese (Mandarin) in just 2 months!

I had the good fortune to meet Ms. Wang-Ching Liu some years ago at McGill University in Montreal. She told me at the time that she was a language teacher and wanted to write some books to help travelers and business people communicate with the Chinese and learn the Chinese language.

Over the years, she’s become aware of the growing importance of the Chinese language in the world of tourism and international business. She’s recently published two award-winning books on learning Chinese (Mandarin) and is currently working on her third. One of the books – Chinese Easy to Learn – has a “breakthrough” writing method to help foreigners easily learn, remember and write up to 500 Chinese characters.

Here are two of her award-winning books:

Travel to ChinaTravel To China With My Pocket Book: Speak Mandarin Right Away
by: Wang-Ching LIU and Marie-France FAY

Travel to China with Wang-Ching Liu while she introduces you to Chinese culture, gives you helpful travel information and teaches you to speak Mandarin. Great for travelers and people doing business in China. Contains 110 entertaining and informative lessons.

Chinese Easy To Learn
by: Wang-Ching LIU

Chinese Easy To Learn

Using Wang-Ching Liu’s “breakthrough” writing method, you can easily learn, remember and write up to 500 Chinese characters.

Here is a video presentation by Wang-Ching Liu that gives you a demonstration and free lesson:

Learn Four Chinese Words in three minutes

To learn more.. about Wang-Ching Liu and buy her books, you can visit her site at:

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