Under Pressure – Bill Gates rocking

I’ve heard of Bill Gate’s rocking behavior before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it.
Hope you enjoy! And also learn a bit about a much misunderstood aspect of autism.

2 Under Pressure - Bill Gates rocking

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  1. abouldt as well. case in point,3 weeks ago today I atrtempted to take myown life by using a comatnbiion of my psych meds and my Anti-Seizure meds.It is by the Grace of God, that I survived by attempt.In my did to kill myself I did leave a note using my word pad feature and left it on my computer monitor.I put the note up in the biggest font that was avaible, I had my wife and I had a big blowup in anger I throw here out of the house(not physically but verbally) when i tried to call her on the cellphone she would not answer it. and in a tailspin that is when i tried to kill myself. I spent several days in the hospital first in the ICU than the CCU.

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