I worship Kristy Gordon too!

What a talented artist! Award-winning. And based in Ottawa, home of quite a few talented artists. http://www.kristygordon.com/

Graham by Kristy Gordon.
Graham © 2006 Kristy Gordon, Oil on canvas.

Garibaldi Trail by Kristy Gordon.

Garibaldi Trail © 2004 Kristy Gordon, Oil on canvas.

She’s with Nick Cross, who’s a friend of a friend of mine, Suzanne MarsdenTroy Little is one of their friends too. They’re all very talented animators, cartoonists and artists.

When I see great art, I get such an urge to draw portraits, pretty intense. Sometimes the urge is to sculpt. My daughter gets these strong urges too. Wait until I show her these paintings. When we have the money to spare, I’d like to buy one of her magnificent paintings.   

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