How to keep your Windows computer safe and working efficiently

January 12, 2015

This was the strategy that worked for us, using what’s currently available, free, and recommended by many. There are other tools out there, but these were our choices. 1 – CCleaner – so your computer and antivirus can work faster. It gets rid of unnecessary and temporary files where some viruses tend to hide. […]

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Getting Foundation 5, the popular CSS responsive framework by Zurb, to work for IE8

January 10, 2015

Bootstrap and Foundation are currently two of the most popular responsive CSS frameworks, and I personally prefer Foundation 5, but was so disappointed when I found out that it wasn’t recommended for IE8. Quite a few people still use Windows XP, and with it, the browser IE8. Wondered, was there any way to make it […]

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Just compacted Outlook Express and lost some messages on my Inbox, what to do!

May 26, 2013

(This information is for Windows XP users still using Outlook Express 6. Please note that your email provider most probably has all your messages stored on POP, which you’ll see when you upgrade. ) It could happen suddenly, the reminder to compact your messages appearing just as you’ve meant to click somewhere else. So you […]

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